H4EAD extension of 540 days when H4 approval is pending?

HI Mr. Anil,

I have a query regarding the H4 EAD 540 days extension.
If I have H1B approved but H4 and H4 EAD application is pending approval, will the current H4 EAD be eligible for 540 days extension? The current H4 I94 and EAD expires on Jan 2023. So if the approval doesn’t come, can we still apply for H4 EAD extension for 540 days?

OR do we need to wait for H4 approval before we apply for EAD extension in case H4 EAD doesn’t approve with H4? If yes, any alternative?

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I have already read this but it is not clear based on my question if you look at that. Those points that I have asked are not covered.

As far as the H4 I-94 is valid and the EAD extension is filed before the current EAD expires, your EAD will be automatically extended and you can keep working.