H4EAD card not received after approval - waiting for more than a month


My h4ead was approved a month ago and I got approval notice, but I have still not received card.

I understand we should wait at least 60 days after approval to receive the card, but still I called customer service to check status of my EAD card.

The agent said that my card has not been sent to production yet and raised a service request for me. I got a response email to my request from USCIS today saying “Further research needed regarding your inquiry. Correspondence will be sent to you in 90 days”.

I’m very confused with this update. What research is needed and what is the meaning of “correspondence”?

I’m just waiting for my card, why did not they reply something like “Your card is in production and will be sent to you”?

Now I’m afraid whether this service request will drag the card further as it is mentioned 90 days. Please help what is the meaning of their response?

Hi @Rak

You did the right thing by calling USCIS.

The USCIS response only means that they need to verify as to why your card was not sent for production. It does not mean anything else. This is a standard generic email text that they send to everyone.

I am not sure why your card was not sent for production in this case. The only option is to call USCIS and you have already done that.

I suggest to call again in a week and ask for status again. Keep doing it until you get a better or concrete answer.

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Thanks for the response Anil!

Hi, Anil, I am in same boat, I got approval notice but no ead card yet, its been 52 days I created sr and it has been completed 2 weeks ago with a email saying “Your request has been forwarded to the adjudication officer for review”. I called tier 2 officer and got reply that I should wait. It has been 17 days since the case is with officer still no update.

HI @raji

Not sure why USCIS is doing in these cases.

@Rak - Were you able to get your H4 EAD card?

Do you have any idea when will be my case reviewed by the officer? I am reading all the forum and and uscis site but I dont find any timeline. Everything starts with 30,60,90,…days :slight_smile:

There is no fixed time.

I am hoping that @Rak can share his/her experience.

Thanks for your response Anil.

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Hi Anil, Yes finally I received my card last week.


There is really no specified timeline with USCIS. At least you had the luck to speak to a tier 2 officer, whenever I asked for a tier 2 officer, I always get the response “Our tier 2 officers are busy”. Which is your center? Just hang in there, your card should come soon.

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@Rak whom did you contact? how many days it took for you to get it. Is your case approved on nov 25th? Please let me know the procedure.

California service center. I dont know why my case is for adjudication review again after approval. My case status changed from new card being produced to approved, after that i did not see card mailed to me or anything else.

Hi @raji

The review again is just a status. USCIS is trying to find why your card has not been delivered. So, do not worry with this status.

I contacted just the tier 1 customer service but they were not of much help. They always asked me to wait and did not have any other information. I requested them to connect to a tier 2 officer but they did not oblige. My case was approved on Nov 20th.

I raised SR on Dec 27th but nothing happened. I followed same procedures as you did. I got my EAD card only on Jan 10th. So you can see how many days it took to receive the physical card from the date of approval.

I have seen many people receiving it just within 3-5 days of approval. But in some cases like this, they delay it unnecessarily. Raising SR did not expedite the card delivery process. They took their own time to print my card.

What date was your case approved? What date did your status change from “New card being produced” to “Case was approved”?

When did you raise the SR?

The adjudication review just means they are researching the whereabouts of your card. Just make continuous calls to USCIS and ask them whether your card has been sent to production or not and when you can expect to receive it.

By the way, when is your current EAD expiring?

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Thank you Raksha, my ead expired in November and I got approved on December 5 card production, December 6 approved, Sr on December 27, Jan 6 SR completed and forwarded to adjudication officer, Seems I should wait until February 10 or something? more than 60 days wait time. Just assuming

@Rak were your case changed from approved to card mailed to me?

Yes, you may get it anytime between now and feb 10th… Don’t worry. Just make sure to call uscis frequently to ask about the status. Yes my case status changed in this order: Case was received-> New card being produced-> Case was approved-> Card was mailed.

Are you on leave of absence from work after current EAD’s expiry?

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I resigned my previous job and lost another job because of the card delay.

That’s bad! Hope you get it soon. Do keep us updated. :slight_smile:

Just wanted to thank you and appreciate you for the great work you do, Anil! This whole visa situation is so stressful. Many doubts and questions arise in mind with no clear picture. You make it less of a havoc by answering our questions patiently and providing your valuable insights. Thank you so much! :slight_smile: