H4 Visa Transfer needed when changing job?

HI Anil

Here is my scenario
I am on H1b and my wife H4, we both have approval till july 2021
we both have I-94 on 797 valid till 2021
we both have Visa stamped till Nov 2019

Q. I am planning to change job at same time my wife wants to travel to India (June till August)
when I gave my documents for H1 transfer lawyer suggested to do H4 transfer or else she will not be able to come back if current employer withdraws my H1b after I leave company and lawyer saying H1-H4 are tied together

I didn’t quite understand this : Earlier when I move from company A to Company B that lawyer clearly says that I don’t need to transfer H4, if she has valid H4 with I-94
this is contradicting between two lawyers

I don’t want to transfer H4 because it takes time and new biometric thing where she has to be here

Can I have call with you to get more details on this? please share your personal email so that I can talk
can she travel without transferring H4?

H4 transfer is not required if H4 is still valid. Old H4 visa stamp that’s valid can be used to enter US.

Thanks for your response
I requested lawyer not to file h4

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