H4 visa stamping with old petition - H1 visa transfer

Hi, I have question regarding h4 visa stamping. My spouse has visa drop box appointment in Oct 2022 and now I am changing my employer from A to B, my A company I-797 and H4 I-797 is valid till Sep 2023 and my dependent does not have valid visa stamped and the visa was expired in 2020.Company B is doing premium processing for H1B and I am planning not to file h4 (I-539) transfer because it will at least 6 months. So if my spouse goes for dropbox with my new I-797(company B) documents and do we need to also submit old H4 I-797 (company A) for dependent document? Since the DS-160 and visa appointment was taken based on old petition and petitioner, what do I need to do to fix it or I need to file new DS-160 and new visa appointment? Is there any risk in doing so?

You may submit all past I-94 for the applicant however the stamping will be based on primary H1B I-797.

Just submit a new DS-160 with new employer details and have her carry both old and new DS-160 to dropbox. You dont need a new appointment.

No issues.

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