H4 Visa stamping while H1B under processing

Hi All, I have a question.

I was laid-off on my h1b and have applied for H4 change of status within 60 day grace period.
I found an employer after my 60 day grace period and that employer has applied for my h1b (change of employer). But USCIS sent an RFE regarding H4 COS (which was expected). So, we decided to go to INDIA and get my h4 stamped and then resume the h1b processing.

Now my question is: will there be any problem during my h4 visa interview? What should I answer when the interviewer asks about my pending h1b application? Pls let me know if anybody faced the same situation like me.

@Anil_Gupta Pls do let me know your thoughts as well.

Thank you.