H4 visa Stamping on valid old petition

Hi, I have question regarding h4 visa stamping. I am my dependents have visa drop box appointment in November 2022 and now I am changing my employer from A to B, my A company I797 and h4 is valid till Oct 2023 and I as well my dependent don’t have valid visa stamped and the visa was expired in 2018.Company B is doing premium processing for H1B and I am planning not to file h4 transfer because it will 8 to 10 months.So if I go for dropbox so with new 1797(company B) for mine documents and old H4 petition(company A) for dependent document…is there any issue in stamping for me and dependent?

H4EAD is in process applied at june 1st week 2022, is there any impact on this process due to H1B transfer shouls i inform new i797 to us immigration once i received it.

H4 can use primary H1B I-797 for their visa stamping and don’t need their H4 approval notice.

H4 dont need their I-797, they can use primary H1B I-797 for stamping. This is same way as H4 first-time stamping when they used primary H1B I-797.

Just send the copy of newly approved primary H1B I-797 to USCIS center processing the EAD application.

Use below link for cover letter.


Note that you will need to submit updated DS-160 with the new employer and I-797 information.