H4 visa stamping convert from H-1B eligible for Dropbox in US embassy?


Planning to Change status from H1B to H4

I was on H1 status ( 3 stampings so far, 2 drop box).
I’m planning to go to India for H4 stamping as my COS from H1 to H4 is taking too long.

Is H1B and H4 same class of visa?

Will I be eligible for drop box considering it’s my first H4 stamping?
Is H4 the same class of visa as H1?

Drop box would be the only reason I would want to go to India for stamping.
Do you know if I’d be eligible for drop box.

H1B to H4 Change of Status Dropbox Eligible?

Yes, you are eligible for Dropbox.

Same class means same visa type like in your case, H.

Check your Dropbox eligibility here:

Thank you for the response.

Hi @vidhs82

I spoke to couple of reliable sources and they think that you may be eligible for dropbox facility in India if you are converting from H1B to H4 stamping.
See the rules here:

Once you file your DS-160, it will ask you the questions and if your answer is YES to all, the system will automatically ask you to use ‘DropBox’ facility instead of going for in-person interview.

Let me know if you need more information.

Ah thank you Anil!

I just paid and arranged to get my visa stamped in Matamoros Mexico! Planning to go in two weeks. Hoping the EB2 PD moves by then and I won’t need another stamping - one can only hope.

That’s good. So, your PD is somewhere in early 2009?

As per my opinion, the chances are low but yes, you may be able to get there by end of USCIS fiscal year around July 2019.

I misspoke - early 2011 - maybe a couple more stampings :slight_smile:

ok…no problem. All the best for Mexico stamping.
If possible, do share your experience here.

Hi Anil -

Just wanted to update you that I got my H1-H4 stamping done in Mexico. It was smooth.

I’d like to apply for H4-EAD now. Do I need the help of an attorney for that? Is there a document checklist? I’d also like to write to USCIS to withdraw my pending 539 COS petition which was filed in July. Can you point to a format?

Apply H4 EAD after H1B to H4 stamping in Mexico

You can fill H4 EAD yourself. No need for attorney.

H4 EAD process and step by step process with sample H4 EAD pre-filled form:

USCIS sample application withdrawal letter - i539 H4 COS

This is the letter you need to send to USCIS for withdrawing your i539 H4 Change of status application:

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Hi Anil,

I am in the same situation as the person who originally posted this question (Vidhya). I am on H1 and am going to Mumbai to get an H4 stamping. The questions is for Dropbox eligibility, what do I answer about whether my previous visa is in the same class.

Are H1B and H4 visas the same class?

I’m also confused because in your reply on this thread you have said yes, they are the same class, H.
But in the link you posted it says: “Same class means same visa. E.g. Previous visa = H1B, Current visa = H4. Both are different. You should answer ‘No’ in this case.”). I have attached a screenshot below for reference.

So which is the correct answer? Are H1B and H4 the same class or not?

Hi @varun_vaswani

At the earlier time, When I had answered “Yes”, the usatraveldocs had different question and different criteria for dropbox.

But now, they have changed it and ‘same visa’ means the exact same visa alphabet and number.
So, H1B and H4 are not same visa type anymore.

We have made changes on our dropbox eligibility page and hence you see the new question and help description there (in the image that you have posted).