H4 Visa Denied in December 2020


Need some help please!!

My spouse H1 approved for transfer till May 2023(Employer A) and extension (employer B) till June 2022 in the month of July 2020.

Kids and I have applied H4 for both employers and we got biometrics from USCIS on same day on July 8th for both applications.

H4 for employer A(For kids and me), approved till MAY 2023, which is a transfer.

Now I got denial notice on December 22nd that, H4 application for employer B(extension) denied because it is mentioned that “As already we have approved H4 for employer A, denied H4 application of employer B as it is unnecessary”.

But my spouse is looking to work for employer B. Any suggestions please?
H1B petition with employer A is not revoked yet.

Kindly Advice.