H4 Travel when H1 Transfer approved but H4 extension pending

Hi Anil,
Currently we have H1 and H4 stamped till September 2023.

We filed H1 Transfer,H4 extension and H4 EAD extension together.
I have got my H1 Transfer approval(till April 2025) but H4 and H4EAD approvals are still pending.

  1. While entering back to USA,should she show her Sep 2023 H4 approval or my current H1 transfer approval(till April 2025)?

  2. Will there be any complication in her H4 (and H4EAD) extensions,if she travels?

  3. Also,will there be any complication at immigration when she travels back to USA?

Its a medical emergency,so we cant avoid travel for sure.
Please guide and help!

She cam use primary H1B I-797.

No issues.


Thanks for the reply !!
It was really helpful !