H4 to H1b activation at San Diego Ysidro Border


Current Status: Valid H4, entered US in Feb2020
H1b visa renewal came through last week after being denied in Dec 2019.
My lawyer has advised me to travel to Mexico for activating the H1b as it requires consular processing. My assumption is that I can still renter using my H4 stamp and just need to activate the new H1b.

Should I follow the same steps as you mentioned in the i94 update post and go to pedwest? Any other advice is appreciated.

You can enter US using only one visa type at a time. You will have to either use H4 or H1B.

It can be done at San diego.

I just entered today on H1b, using H4 stamp.

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Hello Anil - I am also in similar kind of situation. I was on H4 previously and changed to H1b last year. Now I need to change to H4 visa . Can I go to the border and re-enter on H4 visa? My I94 is valid thro’ 12/12/2021. Appreciate your quick response.

Yeah, as long as you have a valid stamp on your passport.