H4 to f1 while i-94 expired and h4 extension is pending with uscis

Currently on h4 And just recieved my i-20 for masters program. our current 1-94 expired a month ago and my spouse’s h1b and my h4 extensions are pending with uscis.

i want to start masters and change my status to f1. can i file for h4 to f1 cos under my current circumstances??.

You should wait for H4 extention approval before you can file for H4 to F1 change of status.

we just got the denial notice for my spouse’s h1b extension. Is there any way that I could apply for F1 right now without travelling out of the country.

I understand the best way is to go to India and get stamped but I am trying to explore all viable options before I make that move.Thanks

Once the H1B is denied, both H1B and H4 are out of status immediately.

You need to have a valid status to apply any other visa while you are in USA.

My suggestion is to apply F1 from outside to have better chances of approval.

I’m prepping for my F1 visa interview soon. my mba program is from a good university. I’ve done my masters in 2013 and worked for a year on h1B. I’m aware that this interview is not going to be an easy one. any suggestions/tips will be much appreciated. TIA.