H4 to f1 visa issues


Currently my husband is on F1 cpt and I’m on f2 visa. My husband is planning to proceed with premium processing on H1B. I’m planning to study a full time course in future. Can I withdraw h4 cos if I decide to file F1 cos? Will there be any disadvantages? Will I be grilled on anything in visa interview?Is there any other way out?

Your question is vague.

Just wanted to know if I file h4 cos petition first and later if I file f1 cos petition. Will I be able to withdraw h4 cos petition later ?

Hi Anil, is there any issue in changing to F1 while H4 is pending?

You can do whatever you want. You just add check complexities when you file multiple applications.

Please ask specific questions. I can’t guess your current situation and suggest anything meaningful.

Everything varies by your current visa status and then why you are filing a new status application.