H4 to F1 status change denied,do i need to mention this in DS 160?

My wife had applied for H4 to F1 status change when she doing a certification course.But her course finished by the time the status change was approved and hence USCIS sent a letter saying since your I20 is expired,your change of status request is denied.

At that time she continued in H4 status in USA.Now we are going to India and her H4 has expired hence we will be going to Visa stamping.

Now the question is in the Ds160 form where they asked if your visa has ever been denied,do we say yes or no?

Change of status application is not a visa application as such. Visa is the foil or stamp that you get in your passport.

Nevertheless, there is no harm in sharing the information and the genuine reason as in your case.
US embassy and USCIS already have this information with them anyway.

So, writing it on DS-160 will not make any difference with respect to your H4 stamping application decision.

If you do write about it in DS-160, you are just sharing the same information that they already have in their database.

Thank you Anil for your prompt response.Really appreciate it.

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