H4 status if previous employer H1B withdrawn

Need help with below situation.

If one leaves employer A to employer B based on employer B filing a H1B petition which is still unapproved and then employer A withdraws his H1B petition after he moves job.

Will that result in H4 based on employer A H1B being withdrawn as well?

Question is does the person need to file H4 petition with employer B when making the job move to avoid being out of status.

H4 is an individual’s personal application and is not withdrawn automatically with H1B.

It is your choice to file H4 transfer along with H1B Transfer. You can file it for peace of mind but is not required as long H1B is able to maintain the status.

Thanks for the response. When you say H1B maintaining the status, does that mean H1B status even with pending petition and doesn’t have to be approved when transfering

Off-course, the H1B status continues even when application is pending.

You cannot stay in US if you don’t have a legal status.

Thanks Sir. That was very helpful