H4 Standalone Processing time and RN Litigation option

Hello Anil,

I wanted to know if you have seen any difference in processing times for standalone H4-Ead renewals at Nebraska center and those that were file along with H1/H4 COS applications or are they all pretty much taking roughly the same times (4-5 months) ?

Secondly, would it still be possible to join and benefit from the RN litigation or is that not an option for standalone H4 ead applications?

It has only been a couple of weeks since the application was sent in but we have not yet received a receipt so far.

Does it usually take longer to receipt the receipt for H4 ead application lately ?

Thank you


As far as i know, there is no difference between the processing time for H4 EAD filed alone or with H4 extension.

You can connect with RN law to see if they are still taking new cases for litigation. Some people told me that they have stopped new cases. I have not confirmed it though.

The other faster way that we have found to work is to upgrade your H1B to premium after your H4 biometric is completed to get H4 EAD approved within 15 days.

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Can I still join H4 EAD litigation? Can anyone please provide more information on how to join or do I approach RN law group individually? Biometrics is not done yet but H1b has been approved.
My case was filed in Nebraska center in July 2020 and my Ead expires in less than two months. They are still processing March 2020.