H4 stamping regarding


Could you please share your thought on the below :

H4 is having stamped visa till end of 2024 (got stamped along with H1 based on company A’s 797 approval). H4 got this stamped visa while came India for vacation.

While H4 visa holder staying in India, H1 visa holder traveled back to US and changed company to employer B and got the 797 approval.

Now, whether H4 visa holder can travel back to US with stamped visa of employer A (expiry till 2024)
along with H1 approval copy of employer B
H4 visa holder needs to get stamped visa with employer B approval then travel to US ?

H4 visa is not tied to any employer. It is rather a derivative of H1B.
As far as the H4 have valid visa, they can travel to the US .
In fact the H1B also do not have to go for stamping after changing the employer if the visa is still valid at the time of entering the US.
Visa is just a travel document and is independent of the employer even if it has emploer name on it.

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Thanks much for your quick response and clarification