H4 stamping in India - pending H4 EAD in US

Hi @Anil_Gupta

My current status is H4 with an EAD and I94 valid till March 2020.

I have applied for H4 and EAD extension and its in pending status since July 26th 2019. I am currently working and will be in India from Nov 13th to Dec 17th for unavoidable personal work.

I am aware from your previous responses that H4 extension stamping in India might end up with an RFE for pending H4 EAD application.

In this case, considering the probable H4 EAD revocation rule in March 2020, could you please advice if it’s ok to get h4 stamping or not as I have valid H4 visa till March 2020?

Thanks in advance.

You have completely misunderstood my responses.

There is no issue in H4 visa stamping in India if H4 EAD is pending in US.

RFE is given by USCIS and it is given for H4 extention application that’s pending in US and not by US embassy.

If you are planning to come back to US before March 2020, then there is no need for H4 visa stamping.

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Thanks for the clarification. I thought taking H4 visa stamping might lead to RFE on pending EAD application as there was an existing h4 extension application also.