H4 Stamping 221 G administrative processing


My wife and kid has attended interview in Chennai consulate on 24 June 2019.
I(Primary applicant) don’t have a stamped visa.(expired on 31-Dec-2018). But we have submitted my approved receipt after my extension got approved.(approved on 19 -May-2019)
Also we got their passport back and VO told them, they are keeping this on admin processing and we will receive an email once it is approved.
I am checking the status on the below website still it shows admin processing.


Could you please tell how long this will take? Is there any way to contact and enquire about this via email or call?

Please help me !! Thanks in advance !!

could you please help…


Normally, in the cases where passport is returned after visa interview, we are seeing the waiting time of 7 to 30 working days at this time.

Do you recall what questions were asked in the H4 visa interview? I can suggest something if you can list the questions and the answers given by your wife to the visa officer.

Thanks Anil,

VO didn’t asked any questions to my wife. They just asked the passport and I797 and went inside for some time and came back.
They asked her to wait for 5 minutes and have given this slip.
Today I again received one more letter from US consulate saying that we need to submit the following documents.

“provide copies of all previous I797 and USCIS notice of Action for PA”

I just need to submit all my I797 copies along with this letter through drop box locations right?
Does USCIS notice of Action and I797 are same?
They didn’t mention anything to submit her passport. Do I need submit that too ?

Please help…

I have received my passport on Aug 30 with no stamping. They have requested us to provide all my previous petition revocation notice.
I think there are more inquiry on H4 since H1B is not stamped. So I am planning to go to India for stamping.
Can I create a new application for H4 even though the one application is in progress.
I just wanted to go for H4 stamping along my H1b stamping,l hope which will reduce the delay.

I am totally fed up with this process. I have started the process on May24,2019. This is the 4th 221G letter which I received for H4 visa stamping.


You can create a new H4 interview application but it will also receive the same form 221g unless the previous pending one is not resolved.

Thank you Anil.
US consulate asked me to submit my previous petition revocation notice which is sponsored by my previous employer.
Here is the response which I got from USCIS after I request the revocation notice

Our records do not indicate that you are authorized for access to information related to this case.
Is there any way I can get the revocation notice to submit for my dependents H4 visa.
I think it is very difficult to get this documents from my previous employer.



You can try the USCIS FOIA request but it may also take months. I am not sure if they really share H1b revocation documents though with FOIA. Never heard of it before.

You best bet is to contact your employer and ask them to share it with you.

Hi Anil,

I have received the revocation notice from my old employer. But US consulate has asked me submit
the following document also along with this

Copy of PA’s admit Until date or I94

But my current I94 is expired which has admit until date of Jan 10,2019. But I have I797 valid till July 2020. Please suggest how can I submit the requested document ? Just the expired I94 or the expired I94 along with I797?
Or is there any way for me to get the I94 document updated with out going out of USA ?


You have to submit the most recent i94 irrespective of whether it has expired or not. Just submit the one you already have.