H4 is pending and going to hit 240 days - husband's H1 was approved, Pls guide with the next steps

H4 extension decision not yet received and as per current timelines, we may cross 240 days.
Respective primary H1 has been approved.
Please suggest with the next course of actions.
We found below point from other people - if it is true, we needs to take care any action for below point?
or simply we can stay and wait for the approval?

H4 dependents are allowed to stay beyond 240 days - real world

In the real-world, the H4 dependents are ALLOWED by USCIS even after 240 days (of i94 expiry) to stay in the US, as long as their primary H1B’s visa is VALID.


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Case is approved before 240 days :slight_smile: thanks