H4 is it extension or transfer

Hi there ,
here is current scenario for me. I would like appreciate in advance for your inputs on this .

I and my daughter on H4 visa , which expires on May 28 , 2021.
I have started my H1 processing with employer B . Its not approved yet. and i am currently working with employer A on H4 EAD.
My husbands employer is planning to file his H1 extension in May 2021 and his current H1 also expires on May 28,2021.

I want my daughter to be dependent on me as my husband H1 extension will take long time . and planning to start this process in May.

  1. Can i file daughter’s H4 with USCIS on my own without the lawyer? any details on how to do this.
  2. Can i apply for my daughter’s H4 even if my H1 is in process? as I will not have payslips considering i wont be starting to work with them till June. (But i am currently working H4 EAD, not sure if those payslips works?)
    3.For my daughter to be my dependent , **will it be H4 transfer ** OR H4 extension or I need Both ? Which form i need to use?

Thanks in advance.

You can apply for H4 using your own H1B only if you are currently on H1B status with valid pay slips.

You can file H4 yourself.

Thanks Anil for the response.