H4 i94 extension failed


I’m currently on H4 with EAD expiring on November 2022. My husbands company filed for H1B extension with my H4 extension, he received his H1B extension approved till 2025 in a week, and the attorneys informed my processing time currently in 9months and I have to wait as it’s in process. My I-94 is expiring on December 4 2022 and to extend my i-94 based the attorneys informed to go to another country and come back I did as they said I went to Indian and came back. When I came back the border security officer told me he can’t extend my I-94 based on my husband new i797 as his current i94 is not changed and is still remaining at December 4 2022. Since I’m dependent on my husband I have no chance of extending until he extends his i94.

You can go to Mexico border and extend your I-94 based on the new I-797 for your husband.
Visit CBP within 30 days of your I-94 expiry.