H4 i-539 - not working - fully describe how you are supporting yourself in Part 8

Hi can someone help me with a few queries on filing the i-539 form please.

My spouse is on an H1B and has an approved i-140, I am applying for an H4 and EAD extension currently. What should I answer to the below mentioned questions from the form i-539?

Part 4. Additional Information About the Applicant (continued)
14. Have you, or any other person included in this application, been employed in the United States since last admitted or granted an extension or change of status?

My answer is NO

If you answered “No” to Item Number 14., fully describe how you are supporting yourself in Part 8. Additional Information. Include documentary evidence of the source, amount, and basis for any income.

My spouse is the earning member of the family. What are the documentary evidence I should be providing for the same?

I also filled I-539 for my wife. We enclosed my (H1Bs) pay stubs and bank statements.

Hi Arjun, thanks for your reply.

So your H1Bs, Pay Stubs and Bank Statements worked right?

yes. basically all financial documents of H1Bs. You just need to show that H4 is dependent on your and you are financially stable.

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CAn you also let me know what did you answer for part 4 questions 3 and 4? I have i-140 approved petition.