H4 got intent to deny - deficient signature on both i539 and i539 A

Hi Anil,
My husband h1 transfer is approved but my h4 got intent to deny (deficient signature on both i539 and i539 A) and notice is saying your signature was not original signature on form i539 and i539A.What does it means?

Suppose my h4visa will denied then can I file new tranfer(my h4 and i94 valid until April 2021

Who signed on your H4 extension form? You or someone else?

I signed on both form
but in biometrics me and my daughter signed her( the executive said if she can sign hers)She is 7 years old. May be that’s why we got this.

And they said to send the form i539 and i539a that containing handwritten applicant signature.anil I have a question so do I and my daughter has to sign on the forms as she signed on Biometric.Do we need any additional documents with the forms or only forms are sufficient to send.Do you think intent to deny status get approvals.

It is okay if child signed during Biometric. That’s normal and as per process.

What USCIS is complaining is that your sign does not match the sign on Biometric and on the paper form.

H4 intent to deny gets approval easily if you can send the requested documents.

I don’t think kid can sign the i539A. Just read the form instructions.

They want me to send the forms with handwritten signature.If I sign on both forms then that should be fine?Suppose If they find little bit Of difference do they approve or deny ?
Anil,can I file new application if in case it deny?

The signatures have to match.

You can file new application but it depends on your i94 status. If i94 has expired, then there will be issues.

My i94 expiry date and current visa is valid till April 2021

Hi Anil,
My priority date is 02/24/2016 .What do you think it will be current ?

Thank you