H4 filed with old h1 receipt

Hello All ,
I have applied for h4(f1-h4) and h4 ead in May.at that time my husband has h1 validity till December 2020.

In September My attorney told me that I need to apply again for h4 and h4 ead with his premium h1 extension processing. I just realized that during applying he used my husbands previous h1 receipt which has validity till December.

I have waited for 7 months now I got my first applied h4 and h4 ead approved with only validity of 15 days till this December 31 .

I am afraid that after waiting for another 5 months my new applications may be cancelled as it has my husbands old h1 b receipt which got expired

Please let me know any inputs

Some attorneys do follow the practice of using existing H1B receipt number on the i-765 form.

It depends on USCIS and they may approve your H4 EAD for full length if they can spot your spouse’s H1B application.

I have seen approvals for these kind of cases too.

I think you can wait. No need to worry here.

ok Thank you
Hopefully it gets approved for 3 years.
I will update here once I got it