H4-F1 COS -pending- Nebraska service center


I have filed COS from H4 to F1 (February 2019) Nebraska service center is handling the case.
I have 2 quick questions:

  1. I couldn’t find Nebraska service center I539 H4-F1 processing time in USCIS site. I would like to know the processing time for COS H4-F1 in Nebraska center.

  2. My COS application is still pending after the I-20 program start date, do I need submit the new deferred I-20 to USCIS with a copy of my USCIS receipt notice.

Please advise me.
Thank you.

We do not have any specific data for the specific condition for H4 to F1 COS application approval times.

You won’t be able to send I-20 to USCIS unless USCIS requests it on their own.


My wife COS went to Nebraska service center on Jan 25 and bio was done on feb 21. Do you happen to know about any recent approvals ? Due to covid 19 processing times have updated to show delayed timings. (Current 5.5 to 7.5 months)
Fall starts on Aug 15 what are the chances of receiving the approval before classes begins ?

Hi Rakesh,

My wife also in same situation case was transferred to Nebraska service center
Does your case got approved

Thanks in advance

Hello, My Son has same situation. Have you received the Approval for your wife? If yes how long it took after Bio.?