H4-F1 COS -pending- after Bio and aging out


I filed COS from H-4 to F-1 for my Son on 31-October-2020 at National Benefit center, He had his bio done on Feb-3,2021. Now his case transferred to Nebraska Service Center. I have quick questions:

  1. His COS application is still pending after the I-20 program start date, His University said he need to file new Defer I-20 to USCIS with copy of his USCIS receipt notice. Do I need to submit his new Defer I-20?

  2. He will be age out on March 11, 2021 but his H-4 and I-94 still valid until 30-JUN-2021. Do I need to file B-2 for him? If yes what would be the reason for B-2 as he is already here?

Please help as early as possible and anybody who went thru this situation please share their experience.


Can someone please help…