H4 extn - is Visa stamping required after travel?

My husbands h1 extension was applied and approved till 2022. We are traveling to India in Jan. We both have valid stamps till 2020 aug.

  1. Do we need stamping in India? I know we can come back with old stamping but we want to travel outside country in end of 2020 and reentering may be a problem.
  2. My h4 extension was not applied. But I m expecting I wil get a new i94 Till 2022 at POE when I reenter US in Jan. But my question is I would not have done biometrics anywhere. Will this impact my extension?

Hi @Sheela

What is H4’s i94 expiry at this time?
Why didn’t you apply H4 extension with H1B extension? Any specific reason?

Current i94 expiry is August 2020. I don’t apply for extension as my husbands employer forgot to add me in the application.

You can re-enter US using as long as you have a valid un-expired visa stamp in passport.

You can get the extended H4 i94 by showing approved H1B i797. You will need a new H4 visa stamp if you want to enter US after the current stamp has expired.

You can use the approved H1B i797 to apply for H4 visa stamp.

ok can I apply for h4 when my current stamp is valid til 2020 aug ? I m eligible for Dropbox. So I don’t want to send in Jan and they not stamping saying I already hav a valid visa.

You can apply for new stamp. They don’t care as long as you pay the fees.