H4 extention Biometric appointment and approval experience


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Hi @sri1

I am in the similar situation and really worried. We have applied for H1 Ext and H4 ext 01/28/2020 and going to India on 01/30. I want to know were you able to reschedule H4 biometrics appointment in India? Or any suggestions from your experience.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Anil_Gupta

For rescheduling biometrics appointment, should we just wait for the first appointment letter to arrive in our mailbox and then check the box to reschedule and mail to them or we can call them to reschedule in advance as soon as we file the extension application for H1 and H4.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @kri

You cannot have biometrics outside USA for H4 extension. You have to appear within USA.

Where do you want to reschedule the appointment? Why did you file the H4 extension if you had plans to travel?

We are travelling to India on 01/30(tomorrow). This is preplanned trip(planned 3 months back) and our attorney somehow delayed the filing of the application. :frowning:

Does rescheduling delays the application to a major extent?

Hi @kri

You need to understand that H4 extension is meant to extend your status while you stay in US without travelling. If H4 travels, they need the H4 visa stamp to come back to US.

USCIS might just deny the H4 extension if you travel or may send an RFE. Even if they approve H4 extension while you are away, it will be useless as H4 needs valid visa or H1B i797.

While entering US, H4 can show extended H1B i797 to get longer i94.

Thanks for the information.

But we have H1 and H4 visa till june. And we will come over to U.S. on 02/28. We will be in India just for a month. I think my only issue is with the biometric test as we have filed the extension application on 01/28 and may expect the H4 biometric appointment in 3 weeks from the date of filing.
Please let me know if I misunderstood anything here.

Hi @kri

You are not trying to understand the concept of H4 extension. Please talk to your attorney.

Hi Krish,

  1. Yes, you can request USCIS to reschedule the Biometric appointment but the location has to be USA.
  2. There are chances that USCIS might issue an RFE to your H4/H4-EAD applications since your and your wife I94 details will get changed(as compared to what you submitted earlier)
  3. Since you both have valid visa until June 2020, so you both can travel outside and come back to US as well. But, point 2 is always a risk.

It is advisable not to travel outside US while your applications are in progress, but there could be an emergency and individuals have traveled outside earlier as well!

@Anil_Gupta, Is it good to file H4 extension by ourself or attorney is the good option as per current situation?
As USCIS office is temp closed due to covid.

My H1b extension will be filed by employer and I have to ( with or without help of attorney ) file H4 Extension. When Can I file H4 extension ? It is when my H1B will approved then ? or Whenever they file my H1b Extension and will provide me receipt number and then based on that receipt number I can file H4 Extension.

You can file H4 extension yourself too based on pending H1B receipt.

Both H1B and H4 can also be file together by your attorney at same time.

It’s your choice to file yourself or not.