H4 extention Biometric appointment and approval experience

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On March 27, 2019 my spouse and I have applied for H-1B EXTENSION (form I-129) with premium processing, and concurrently applied for H-4 EAD (forms I-539 + I-765). Since this was submitted after March 21. 2019, the new I-539 form had to be used and that requires biometrics to be done.

In general the order of things for forms I-539 + I-765 are:
(i) Submit forms I-539 + I-765
(ii) Recieve a reciept notice for I-539,
(iii) Recieve a reciept notice for I-765
(iv) Appointment notice for biometrics for I-539
(v) Once (iii) is recieved, the H-4 spouse can go ahead to get he biometrics done. I don’t think biometrics needs to be applied for separately, based on our lawyer’s best knowledge. If anyone has different information, please share.
(vi) I-539 is approved
(vii) I-765 is approved

Note : It is generally adviced for the employee’s spouse to NOT leave the US when I-539 is in process, i.e., between steps (i) and (vi). After I-539 is processed, it should be okay to leave the U.S. Of course the issue is in actually knowing if I-539 is approved. Relying on paper-mail, means there is a 4-5 day delay before you find out for sure.

March 27, 2019 : Mailed forms I-129, I-539 and I-765 via FedEx to Nebraska Service Center
March 28, 2019 : FedEx delivery confirmed [10 am CDT]
March 28, 2019 : Employer recieved reciept notice for I-129 via email [11 pm CDT]
April 01, 2019 : DHS cashed the cheques for I-539 and I-765 (appeared on employee’s bank records) [This is an indication that the I-129 has been approved]
April 02, 2019 : Employer recieved approval for I-129 via email [11 pm CDT]
April 04, 2019 : Employer recieved paper reciept notice for I-129 (dated March 28, postal stamp March 29)
April 04, 2019 : Spouse of employee recieves paper reciept notices for I-539 and I-765 (dated March 28, 2 separate stamped envelopes postal stamp April 1)
April 05, 2019 : Employer recieved paper approval for I-129 (dated April 1, postal stamp April 2)
April 05, 2019 : Spouse of employee recieved paper appointment notice for biometrics for I-539 (dated March 30, postal stamp April 2)
April 16, 2019 : (expected) Biometrics appointment for I-539
April 23, 2019 : (expected) Spouse of employee recieves paper approval for I-539
April 24, 2019 : (expected) Spouse of employee recieves paper approval for I-765
April 25, 2019 : (expected) Spouse of employee recieves EAD card in mail

While spouse is In India H1B ext + H4Ext + H4EAD ext?
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Thanks for sharing your experience.

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Thanks for sharing your experience, I would really appreciate if you could update your status. I’m in same situation and it will help me estimate the ETA.

Also a quick question, is there any provision of preponding the biometric dates or is it based on availability?


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The biometric appointment date is the earliest available date that’s given to you.

If you want to change it, the process is cumbersome.

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Thanks for the response Anil


We filed H1B extension+H4+EAD with premium processing on 4/5. Receipt confirmed on 4/8. My H1B got approved on 4/11 and my attorney and employer just received the approval notice yesterday. We are still waiting for the appointment letter.

Our I-539 case still says “Case was received”, so I don’t know if it means that they have not made the appointment yet. For those who have received biometrics appointment notice, does online Case Status change?


Anil. As mentioned by this person (Infact a very neatly written experience!) does cashing the checks means approved?

April 01, 2019 : DHS cashed the cheques for I-539 and I-765 (appeared on employee’s bank records) [This is an indication that the I-129 has been approved]

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Cashing the checks for i539 (h4 application) does not necessarily mean approval for H1B.

The person who shared his experience did think that way but it is not always true.

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Hi Anil,

So the H4 checks will be cashed before the H1b approval as you said. Will H4 biometrics appointment letter will also be generated before h1b approval?

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Hi @sruthy

It does not matter if H1B is approved or not. H4 and H4 EAD checks will be cashed as they are separate applications.

The H4 and H4 EAD fees is not refunded if H1B is denied.

See complete details of H4 Biometric process here.


It didn;t change for us . We had biometric on April 29.

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Thanks for sharing your experience. Can you please update if you got your approval ?

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Hi @Prithwish
No one has reported ann approval yet. I’m tracking multiple cases. I will update as soon as I hear any approval from any of our groups.

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Hi Anil,

Is the I-539 Biometrics needed in case of H1 transfer as well for respective H4 spouse ? or is it only for H1 extension ?


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Biometric is for H4 and not H1B. If H4 extension is being filed, biometric is required with or without H1B.

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Hi Anil,

What is the first biometric appointment date which we are tracking?


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Hi @RamSF
The first biometric appointment that we are tracking right now is April 16, 2019. The H4 has still not been approved for that case.

The next one that i am tracking is H4 biometric done on Apr 26.

Both cases were filed in premium along with H1B. H1B has been approved for both at this time.

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Thanks @Anil_Gupta

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Thanks Anil, I am also talking about the H4 extension /Transfer along with H1 extension /Transfer.
If I got it right Biometric is only needed for H4 while doing the Extension.

Veera Podila

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Hi @Bob
yes, Biometric is only needed when you are filing form i539. H4 extension needs form i539 whereas H1B extension needs form i129.