H4 extension with pending Cos from h1 to h4


I filed my H1 to H4 in May 2020 with H1 valid till February 2021. My COS was pending approval so I filed an extension to this H4 with new approved H1 valid till 2023.
My COS got approved with validity till 2023 in March. If my new h4 extension gets rejected will my current h4 remain valid. Thank you for your help

Based on the H4 approval till 2023, I think USCIS approved your 2nd application that was based on the new H1B. What is the start date on the H4 approval notice?

My 2nd application is still pending. H4 is approved on the First application staring March 2021

Irrespective of the application approved, looks like your newly approved H4 status match the new H1B, right?

I dont see any issue in your case. If in doubt, talk to your immigration lawyer.