H4 Extension Receipt Notice not received

I have applied my spouse H4 Extension I539 and H4 EAD with my approved H1B petition. The USCIS Phoenix Lockbox received the package on 12/03/2020. I did not receive any receipt notice and my checks are also not cashed. My spouse I94 expires on 12/31.
If I don’t get any notification till 12/26 can my spouse go forward and apply H4 extension online.
What will happen if my spouse get H4 receipt notice(submitted in the dropbox) after filling online?. Will there be any issue with two H4 extensions receipt notice?


@Anil_Gupta can you please suggest on the above case?

I have exactly the same issue. FedEx dropped the documents on 17th Nov but no response yet and since there is no receipt number, there is no way I can proceed forward or talk to a reprentative.
What are the options? I don’t think walking into any field office/USCIS office also is an option.

I had the same situation last year. The check got posted after 20 days… I got the receipt only after a month after applying. So sometimes there’s a delay with H4s especially end of the year. Guess you should just wait. I don’t think they miss any mails. You should get it soon hopefully!

Hi All,
Today the checks got posted both for H4 EAD and H4 Extensions. Hope will be receiving the receipt notice in 2 weeks time. I talked to an immigration attorney. They suggested to wait for some time and if no response, I could go forward and apply extension online.

Hi Prasad,

What happened to ur h4 visa status?? When did u receive the receipt notice ?? Is the visa already approved ??