H4 Extension receipt no. to be added during the processing of H4 EAD

Hi All,

I had filed my H4 EAD with receipt date on Aug 21,2019 @ Vermont SC. My husband’s employer filed H1B Extension along with my H4 Extension with receipt date Sept. 11, 2019 for which he got RFE on Sept. 24, 2019. His employer is working towards his RFE. I completed my Biometric on Oct. 4,2019.

My question is since my current H4 is till Feb 2020 and same will be for my H4 EAD once I receive, how can I provide my H4 extension receipt no. now once the EAD is under processing? Is there any way I can do that as I want my EAD to come with new extension timelines though it may take time. I don’t want to file a new EAD.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @payal

You should have waited to file H4 EAD if you were planning to file H4 extension anyway.

You will have to file H4 EAD once you get your h4 extension approval now. As far as I know, there is no way to send H4 extension number to include it with your current already filed H4 EAD application.