H4 extension premium processing

USCIS has posed the premium processing fee for H4 extension and H4 EAD sometime in October first week.
But still there is no other update, when they are going to accept the premium processing for H4 extension.

I have applied for H1B-extenstion under premium processing and H4-exntestion (without H4-EAD) sometime during Sep/first week.
H1B-exntestion got approved in 1 week and got approval documents.
But for H4 the state is still in “case received” for past 2 months.

I want to upgrade H4-extension to premium processing, so that i will get my H4 extension also gets approved ASAP…
When i checked with my attorney to upgrade H4-extension to premium processing, they mentioned that no update from USCIS for H4 premium processing upgrade…

Do we know, when USCIS will start accepting premium processing for H4 extension?

There is no update available as of today.