H4 Extension in progress-H4 EAD How to apply?

Hi Anil

My H4 Extension in process and I have been called for Biometrics for the first week of December.
I have receipt notice for my H4-Extension.
My Attorney missed to file my H4-EAD extension along with H4 Extension.
My EAD expires on Jan-2020.
What is the best option to apply my EAD?
Can I apply my EAD by myself now before my H4 extension approval?
If Yes, What are all the documents help my EAD extension to get approve?

Appreciate your time helping me out.

You can apply H4 EAD with pending H4 extension.

Check the list of documents for H4 EAD with sample form here.

Thanks Anil for the prompt response.

I have travel history built up and my latest arrival on July-07-2019 which shows in history page.
I have CBP-I94 page shows the April-17-2019.
I have 5 travel history exit and entry one day business visit in between those two dates.
Which one I should put in the Question 22.Date of your last arrival in to US?

The most recent date has to be used irrespective of how many times you exited and entered.

Thanks Anil for quick response

Hello Anil

My H4 Extension in progress.
I have been called for biometrics in first week of December.
I have applied for H4EAD-renewal which is expiring on Feb-2020.
I am working for employer A and my employer confirmed my H1B got picked for this Fiscal year which got RFE now.
Will my H1B get approved before my EAD approval or my H4 EAD get approved before H1B?
What is the possibilities I can continue my job with employer A without any employment gap?
Appreciate your time responding all my email in few hours.

Anything can happen i.e. H1B is approved first or H4 EAD. You cannot guess.

You can continue the job without any gaps if H1B is approved first. Note that you would need to withdraw pending H4 extension immediately after H1B approval. If H4 gets approved after H1B, your status will again change back to H4.