H4 extension (i539) - H4EAD (i765) - different service centers

Hi everyone,

I recently applied for H1B transfer and they said they can do H4 as well together with H1B transfer. Now, H1B transfer(Nebraska Service Center - LIN) is approved and H4 extension is in process (Nebraska Service Center - LIN).

I have to apply for H4 EAD now and it says to send it to Dallas, TX as my H1B receipt number starts with LIN.

Since H4 extension is processing in Nebraska Service Center, is it okay to send H4 EAD documents to Dallas, TX.

Please let me know your suggestions. Thank you.

@Anil_Gupta Please let me know if you have any idea regarding this. Thank you.

You should follow USCIS instructions as you cannot choose a center by your choice.

Sure. Thank you for your reply !