H4 extension filed but yet to receive the receipt notice

My dependents h4 extensions were filed on Nov 16 2020 but I have not received their receipt notice. Their I-94 are expiring on December 31 2020. Is it okay for them to stay or should they leave US.
Requested my law firm to check if their cheques were encased by USCIS (Not expecting a favorable response though).

Vimalesh Premkumar

Vimal - You should definitely check with your law firm but as long as you have received a confirmation from Fedex and UPS that their extensions were received by USCIS, you could make a case that you filed it before their expiration.

Hello Pratik,
This was their response “As per USCIS regulations, your dependents can continue to be in the US until they receive their approved H4s. Since the case was filed on time before the expiration they can continue to be in US.”

Contact lockboxsupport@uscis.dhs.gov, I had similar issue in May 2021, USCIS somehow lost my dependent’s application.

Hi @Vimal I am on the same boat. I have applied for my wife’s H4 extension and EAD and the package got received by USCIS Phoenix lockbox on 12/03/2020 yet to get any receipt notice and check is also not encashed. My wife’s I94 is also getting expired on 12/31/2020.
I contacted the support mail for lockbox but no response. I am thinking of applying the H4 Extension online if I dont get any confirmation by 12/28/2020.