H4 Extension filed and received NOID since out of country

(Ashok Kumar V) #1


I applied my H1B extension and H4 extension for my son and wife. They have valid visa till May 2019. We filed on Mar 2019. But they travelled to india before they received their extension. My H1 got approved and their H4 got NOID. Now i applied for withdrawal.
SO they can go for stamping in india. My question is do they have to go for stamping after their visa expiry date? Also do we have to make sure the NOID is withdrawn before go for stamping?


(Anil Gupta) #2

NOID itself is a revoke notice from USCIS.
You don’t have to do anything.

Your dependents can either apply for new H4 visa or use the current valid visa stamp to enter USA.