H4 Extension Denied


Hi Anil,

When I shifted to new employer in April 2019 , they applied transfer for my H1B and extension to my dependent H4.

My H1B transfer got approved ( Validity till September) in June and my spouse H4 got denied on August 6th.

Now , what options does my spouse have?

  1. Her I94 stamped on passport is till November 10th 2019 . Can she stay till that date and apply one more extension meanwhile ?
  2. As my current petition and I94 is till September 30 , Does she have to go one more extension by September 30th ?
  3. Does she have to leave now irrespective of her old I94 and my new I94 ?


Hi @Munna

What is the H4 extension denial reason?

Your spouse can only stay in US until her own i94 expiry. Your i94 does not help her stay in US.