H4 extension - biometrics additional processing time?

How long will the H4 extensions take now that biometrics is introduced? We would be filing H1b in premium along with H4s and H4 EAD. Do you have an idea about how long the entire processing would take? Appreciate your response. Thank you

The H4 extension process will certainly take more time.
It is still not know how much and this is the first time this is being implemented.

USCIS informed the general public that average Biometric appointment time is 17 days and depends on your location’s USCIS office’s workload too.

So, you can get an idea that Biometric has the potential of adding 1 month to 3 months of additional processing time.

Thanks for your quick response. Do you think this additional 1-3 months would be on top of the premium processing time (15days) or on top of the normal processing (currently its around 10 months)

I am guessing that it should be on top of regular processing.

Hi Anil,

Do you have any idea how long my spouse H4 I-539 Extension of Stay document will take to process at the California Service Center in regular processing?

Thanks in Advance