H4 extension and h1b approval conflict

Hi ,

Can any faced below situation

  1. My h4 ead valid till 2022
  2. Have applied for h4 extension in June 2021
  3. H1b picked and COS approved in October 2021
  4. H4 extension approved in November 2021

Base on few replies in same blog I will be on h1b status , but seems we have last action rule. Does that effect anything . As initially when I checked h4 extension it showed takes up to 3 months more for approval and thought of sending withdrawal , but they approved in 2 weeks after my h1b got approved Can you please let me know what need to be done

Extension approval for H4 do not put you back in H4 status as you changed from H4 to H1B and EOS for H4 was approved after COS to H1B. You are no more in H4 status for the H4 EOS to be considered valid.
Talk to your employer’s immigration lawyer and see what they have to say re: your current status.

In future if you lose H1B job and want to change to H4, you can travel to Mexico/Canada border, use AVR (if your visa is expired) and show H4 approval notice to CBP and they will issue you H4 I-94. Thus you can change your status from H1B to H4 without filing a COS application.

Thank you @Kalpesh_Dalwadi