H4 Ext. Receipt notice received but not H1b receipt notice

Hello Anil,

My Employer filed my H1b extension and my wife’s H4 extension on 01/08 in regular and my current h1b petition and I94 are expiring on 02/11. I received h4 receipt notice with receipt date - 01/11 and notice date - 01/12. But, attorney confirmed that they did not receive h1b receipt notice yet and said as the H4 receipt notice is received - it means h1b is receipted as well. I would like to clarify on the following:

  • Can I safely consider the h1b is receipted as well considering we received the h4 receipt notice?
  • If my receipt notice is not received by I94 expiry,
    a) Is my stay considered lawful?
    b) Am I allowed to work? If not, should I be in leave of absence and is that allowed? Would that be a problem to my future extensions if I dont get paid by my employer until I receive the receipt notice post I94 expiry?

Thanks in advance!

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