H4 EOS (I-539) California center


We filed for the combo H1, H4, H4EAD with the California center in July 2020. So far, we’re waiting for a biometric appointment notice for the Seattle ASC.

Anyone here with a similar case/timeline who can share their current status? Has anyone gotten a biometric appointment for their application in California center for May/June/July receipt dates?

Furthermore, looking into the USCIS processing times for extension applications, they say that they will need ~23 months to process I-539 applications for H4 cases. This means that they’re currently processing cases from late 2018/early 2019. Is that in any way realistic? Should that processing time be trusted? It’s extremely concerning if that’s true. Any thoughts?

Unfortunately, yes the processing times are too long but not as long as the site is showing.

But, yes, you are not alone. The processing time is easily more than a year.