H4 EAD working without physical card on 1099

Hi ,
I got my H4 approved on 9 th september and card is mailed on 10th september ,I haven’t received the physical card.
Can I join my job ? my employer is asking to join please asap.
I am working on 1099 so no need of I 9 verification.

Please let me know.


This is totally up to you to decide on joining just on basis of USCIS case status update. If I were you, I would wait till getting the physical card just to be on safe side. If it was mailed on 10th September, you should receive in couple of days. Check the case status again to get the tracking #.

Thanks for the reply .
Ya I am also thinking to wait for physical card as it will take more couple of days.
I am not able to see the tracking number yet .

when is the tracking number updated in online ?

Normally as soon as it is mailed.