H4 EAD with H1,H4 extension. What should be the receipt number

My case:

  1. My employer is going to file H1B (and my spouse’s H4) extension. I am planning to file my wife’s EAD extension together with the H1B,H4 extension.

My Questions:

  1. Can I apply for her EAD extension together with H1,H4 extension
  2. If yes, do I need to write the latest approved I797 receipt number in Question 29?


Apply H1B, H4 and H4 EAD concurrently

Yes, you can apply all 3 together.

i797 receipt number in Q 29 on H4 EAD form

Leave it blank as you are filing H1B extension along with H4 EAD application.

Thanks for the quick reply. How about filling the receipt number of I797, should it be the last one which is going to expire.

Sorry just read the response to second question. Thanks

Hi Anil,

I am sorry, I am asking more questions but I had more doubts:

  • I saw few blogs where they have asked to put “CONCURRENT” for question #29. Should I leave it blank or fill “CONCURRENT”.

  • My wife’s passport has no Family Name(Last Name) and her existing EAD has First name mentioned in Family Name column and Given name says “No Given Name”. Should I leave the Family name blank while filling the form or should I follow whatever is on existing EAD?

  • I am planning to attach following documents

    • Check for $410
    • Form I-765
    • Wife’s I94
    • Copy of existing EAD
    • Approved I-140
    • 2 photographs
    • Marriage Certificate
    • Form G-1145

Do we need to add any other document like existing approved H1B petition or H4.

I really appreciate all your help.


H4 EAD concurrent filing

You can either leave it blank or write “concurrent”. Your choice.

Name should match your passport

Write name as specified in your passport. USCIS will take care of rest.

I have covered the list of documents in this article:


  • Did u fill form using “concurrent” ?

Sorry, didn’t read it earlier. I filled both previously approved case # plus Extension filed concurrently