H4 EAD when H1 amendment approved\Rejected

Hi Anil,
Question related to H4 EAD when H1 amendment is pending with USCIS

I am working on H4 EAD since April 2019 . Recently in December 2019 visited to India and got H4 stamping .
Can i work on same EAD that is valid till May 2021?
If H1 Amendment is approved\Rejected , whats the impact on my EAD ? will it be still valid?

Hi @chetna

The H4 EAD card stays valid and you can use it as long as you are in H4 status.

The H1B amendment will not affect your H4 EAD as long as your spouse can maintain a valid H1B status.

If H1B amendment is denied, then your spouse can go back to work for the old approved H1B to maintain his H1B status.

This helps .Thanks Anil .