H4 EAD: Use most recent i797 I94 number or CBP online?


I am applying for H4-EAD for the first time and they asked I94 number and latest date of entry to the USA. I have latest I94 received with I797 copy and when I check online on CBP site for latest I94 which displays different one.
Which one should I give along with EAD application?

Appreciate your responses.


Hi @San_Visa

Use the most recent i94 number that came with approved i797.

The paper i94 issued by USCIS are not usually updated on CBP online website.
So, you are fine. Don’t worry.

Thanks for quick response @Anil_Gupta. As I94 document proof, I can attach same i797 copy’s I94 with H4EAD application, right? and I don’t need to send the I94 generated from CBP which has the most recent date I entered USA.


Offcourse. You have to use the i94 copy that’s attached to i797.

The i94 on CBP website is OLD now.