H4 EAD status says "New Card Is Being Produced" but H1 still not approved


I have a kind of unique scenario. My H1B extension was filed along with H4 and H4EAD on 25th January, 2019.

Yesterday there was an update on H1B case saying " Name Was Updated" and on H4 EAD case saying “New Card Is Being Produced”. There’s no movement on H4 case though.

Do you think it could be an error/glitch in USCIS online system considering the dates as well as EAD status updated without H1 and H4.


That is fine. Congratulations.

Your H1 and H4 approvals must be on the way shortly. No need to worry.

You are not alone. We are seeing a lot of such cases these days where H4 EAD is approved and later they see the approval for H1B and H4.

Thank you Anil and I really hope this message of New card being produced is not an error. It’s same message since yesterday though in my old EAD applications, the messages were different.

I am in the same situation.i got my H1B status changed to “We updated you name” after the RFE response submission. But my spouse’s h4 ead status is "new card is being Produced ". Please let me know any update in your case