H4 ead standalone or with extension as H1b renewal is due in 6 months

Hi Anil,

My h-1 visa is valid till 31st march,2020 and last week my i-140 got approved. Should i apply standalone EAD for my spouse which can be done before end of this month or wait to apply as complete package with h1b extension in premium which would be done in Dec, 19 or jan, 20.

Appreciate your suggestion. Thanks


Hi @vicky_agrawal

It is better to wait and file all together in Oct 2019.

@vicky_agrawal I think even if you apply together you will need to go for Biometrics and USCIS is not going to process H-4 in premium. Before biometrics USCIS would process all H-1B, H-4 And EAD together. Note: THere is no premium for H4 and EAD.

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