H4 EAD RFE for filing more than 120 days in advance of EAD expiry?

Hi @Anil_Gupta

We received an RFE letter mentioned that you cannot file H4 EAD renewal card before 120 days.

This was a standalone H4EAD renewal application, not tied to H1B.

Is it true? Your H4-EAD article here mentions that we can apply 180 days in advance.

Thanks for your help.

Sorry to hear that. But, USCIS has official guidance that you can apply for EAD renewal 180 days before the expiry. See this screen shot:

USCIS official link EAD renewal guidance says 180 days

Check out these two official USCIS pages for same 180 days information for EAD renewal.

  1. Employment Authorization | USCIS
  2. Employment Authorization Document | USCIS

Are you sure this is the reason you have received the RFE?
I have not heard of it before, so i bit doubtful.

If it is really this issue, I would suggest you to visit a local USCIS office and ask for clarification.