H4 EAD Renewal- Whether i can attach Spouse I94 copy which is going to expire in Sep2018

Hi ,
Thanks for all your replies related to Visa queries. Its really helpful !
My query is -> H1, H4 extension has been filed . Extension is in progress. Received receipt number. My spouse’s H4 EAD expiring in Sep 2018. As you mentioned in previous email chain we can apply EAD renewal using H1 receipt number. While doing H4 EAD renewal , can i attach my spouse I94 copy which is going to expire by Sep 2018 or no need to attach i 94 copy. Please Advice.


Which replies and email chain are you referring to?
Looks like you copy pasted it from somewhere else here.
Anyways, your question has already been answered here:

In short, no need to attach expiring i94 to the renewal application.