H4 EAD - Rejected due to missing Pages

My H1B and and my spouse H4 extension is currently in progress. We have submitted H4EAD while our case was pending.

H4EAD got rejected as documents bundle I sent was missing few pages for i765 form. A day later, our H1 and H4 extension transferred from California to Vermont location.

  1. Do we need to wait until new receipt notice comes and then submit H4 EAD?

  2. Do I need to include rejected i797C receipt notice in bundle?

  3. They have scribbled few numbers on back of passport photo, should I take new photos?

  4. I can see few numbers printed on the footer of each submitted pages. Should I send these pages or should take the new sets of printouts and send it fresh? I am confused if those numbers really matters or required to be replaced? I am confused. Please advise

You can apply new H4 EAD application.

Send new photocopies and new photos.

No need to include rejected i797C.

When your H1B case is transferred, your case receipt number remains same. So, no need to wait for the any receipt.